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We've been transforming our sandwich panels in solutions for 50 years

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6 Reasons to make an Unique Choice in Thermal Insulation

1. From Product to System: Innovative Systems for New Constructions and Renovations

Our offer goes beyond the supply of individual products. We provide comprehensive solutions, including design, implementation, and more. It's not just about having the best products on the market, but about offering entire integrated systems. From concept to installation, we handle every phase, ensuring our customers a seamless and comprehensive solution. Our promise is to deliver not only excellent materials but a complete approach that exceeds expectations.

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2. Enhanced Visual Identity: The New Logo and the Meaning of Colors

The renewed logo serves as a tangible manifestation of our mission: red embodies our commitment to insulate from heat, while blue from cold. Finally, green underscores our strong orientation towards ecological solutions. This visual choice synthesizes our dedication to providing insulation products and services that meet thermal protection needs, combining effectiveness and sustainability.

3. Revolutionary Insulation: Advantages of XPS in High-Quality Panels

Our choice to adopt XPS as the insulating core for paneling translates into significant advantages that define our commitment to excellence. Utilizing XPS, renowned for its extraordinary insulating properties, enables superior thermal performance. XPS provides effective thermal insulation, helping to create perfectly insulated indoor environments and reduce energy consumption. Its compact and sturdy structure ensures durability over time, maintaining insulation properties even in the most challenging environmental conditions. Choosing XPS as the insulating core is a decision that goes beyond mere pursuit of thermal efficiency; it's a commitment to ensuring consistent and long-lasting performance.

4. Outstanding Surface Performance: Advanced Selection of Coatings

Our commitment to quality also extends to finish surfaces. Through meticulous research, we have examined the performance of various finishes in different contexts. The result is a comparative table highlighting the excellent performance of our solutions over time. This data-driven approach allows us to offer not only products but tested and reliable surface finish solutions for diverse environments.

5. Materials of Excellence: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Fiberglass for High Performance

Our philosophy of excellence is evident in the careful selection of materials composing our insulation panels. Stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass take center stage in this targeted choice, providing superior performance encompassing strength, durability, and safety across various applications. Our attention to material selection ensures that every insulation panel we offer meets the specific challenges of each application.

6. Custom Renovations: Products Designed Directly by Us for Unique Results

In our commitment to custom renovations, we distinguish ourselves by designing and directly studying tailor-made products in-house. Each renovation becomes an opportunity to develop unique solutions, ensuring that every component contributes significantly to the final result. With innovative materials and advanced structural solutions, we aim to exceed expectations, creating distinctive and functional spaces that set new standards in the renovation industry.








Surface Comparison Table

Coolers and FreezersProcessing RoomsClean RoomsFruit cutting roomsSmokingTripe RoomMedical Labs
Sheet Metal ZN-PV
Sheet Metal PLS
Aluminium PV
Aluminium PLS
Stainless steel
Stainless steel PLS
GlassCoat 1200
GlassCoat 2400
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