Complete renovation

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Client's request

  • General renovation of walls and ceilings in the picking area, no longer suitable for a food environment.;
  • Avoid production stops or slowdowns;


  • use of a material that does not promote the propagation of mold and rust;
  • use of an easily washable material;
  • necessary precise coordination with the production manager to organize the renovation works, given the client's work on a 6-day-a-week shift schedule;

Adopted solution

  • Insulation-light panel for wall cladding: thanks to the fiberglass visible bark, XPS insulation, and centesimal aluminum bark on the back, with only 20mm thickness, a product has been installed that will never suffer from rust or the formation of any kind of fungi or mold. The panel is easily installable both on walls and ceilings thanks to a plastic profile (that does not rust) for concealed fixing in the panel joint.;
  • Thermodular Clean 2400 panel for the ceiling: thanks to the fiberglass visible bark, a suspended ceiling with a high degree of hygiene has been installed. The ceiling is load-bearing to allow for both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations on the systems.