Food facility's ceiling

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Client's request

  • Ceiling no longer suitable for a food environment with continuous washdowns due to rust and mold;
  • Avoid production halts or slowdowns;
  • If possible, avoid dismantling the ceiling to limit the economic impact of the renovation.


  • precise coordination with the production manager is necessary to organize the renovation work, given the client's operations on a six-day-a-week shift basis;
  • use of a material that does not promote the propagation of mold and rust;

Adopted solution

  • Insulation-light panel: thanks to the visible fiberglass surface, the XPS insulation, and the centesimal aluminum backing, the chosen product will never suffer from rust or the formation of any kind of fungi or mold;
  • Organizing night shifts and weekend shifts to minimize the impact on the plant's operations as much as possible.

The panels used